Tank Services

Interior/Exterior Painting

Our personnel are trained in the latest coatings technology and application techniques.

Whether your structure requires a simple overcoat to improve its appearance, or a complete removal of the exterior and interior existing coatings (including lead abatement), TankRehab can do the job.

Lead Abatement

TankRehab has successfully removed lead based coatings from elevated and ground level water storage tanks.  We can remove lead paint from your structure while protecting the environment, our workers, and your budget.

Logo Application/ Design

TankRehab can assist in the design and application of your artwork, logos and lettering. We offer a service that incorporates computer aided design to give you the best visual impact possible. This simplifies the decision process and assures you of a finished product that you expect.

  • Custom Artwork
  • Identity Graphics
  • Sports Graphics
  • Painted Graphics
  • Viynl Graphics
  • Digital Graphics
  • Tank Markings


Water storage tanks accumulate sediment over time, which makes it critical that washouts and inspections are conducted on a regular schedule in order to preserve water quality at the highest standards for health. 

A complete inspection will be made of the interior and exterior surfaces to determine the condition of the coating, steel, foundations, presence of lead and structural stability. The American Water Works Standard Inspection Report for Steel Water Tanks will be utilized for this survey

Maintenance Programs

 TankRehab can provide you with a comprehensive Maintenance Program which will •Extend your guarantee on tank work for the life of the maintenance contract. •Give you a single source to contact for all maintenance work. •Proactive versus reactive tank maintenance to manage costs over time. •Yearly Visual Inspections with documentation and pictures •Washout Inspections every three years with documentation and pictures •Tank maintained to regulated specs •Tank Repairs minor and major •Future Rehabilitations interior and exterior •Emergency Service and Repair

Minor/Major Repairs

  • Vents
  • Manways
  • Overflows
  • Ladders
  • Obstruction Lighting
  • Wind rod replacement
  • Riser rod replacement

Other Services 

  • Safety Equipment
  • Vandalism Repair
  • Tank Demolition
  • Emergency Services