Professional Tank Services


Hold Point Inspections

  • Profile measurements of abrasive blasted surfaces.  
  • DFT measurements of completed primer. 
  • DFT measurements of completed intermediate and finish coats.  
  • Holiday testing of the tank interior after completion of finish coat.   

Full Time Inspections

  • Atmospheric conditions.  
  • Surface profile measurements on abrasive blasted surfaces.  
  • Coating material storage conditions.  
  • Coating mixing observations.  
  • Surface temperatures.  
  • DFT measurement record.  
  • Photos of work progress and key inspection points

Water Tank Inspections

  • Elevated Water Storage Tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Standpipes


Finished-drinking-water storage tanks, including conventional hydropneumatic tanks with an access manhole but excluding bladder- or diaphragm-type hydropneumatic tanks without an access manhole, shall be checked at least annually to ensure that hatches are closed and screens are in place; shall be cleaned at least once every five years to remove biogrowths, calcium or iron/manganese deposits, and sludge from inside the tanks; and shall be inspected for structural and coating integrity at least once every five years by personnel under the responsible charge of a professional engineer. 

Assessment Inspections

  • Inspections done in Accordance with AWWA Manual M42 Appendix C
  • Structural evaluations
  • Corrosion evaluations
  • Interior washouts
  • In-service ROV inspections
  • Recommendations concerning repairs, repainting, replacements, etc.



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